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June 10, 2024

I was a Soviet special ops soldier on a mission near the town of Morton on Everon across the bay overlooking the harbour. Using my SVD I was snipping from the hill. But two enemies US forces come to my location to invetigate. It twas dark and could barely see, but I was special forces. I hide in the bushes ultimately being pushed slowely back towards a cliff. I crawl and crawl but get a chance to kill one of the soldiers. I capture him and interrogate him, Splinter Cell style!

BUt then a fucking dragon appears! It was Smaug! US and Soviet forces temporaily agree not to fight each other to take on the threat.

The dream changes but i'm basically running for my life trying to escape the dragon, Smaug! I'm running in and out and in and out of the woods to confuse him and eventualy I lose him. The world is more fantasy and medevil yet also very liminal.

Eventually I find two native of the realm. THey tell me to head twords the Balmora forest. They then try cuming with me but couldn't follow almost like they were a lower rank and couldn't access the area? So i goes alones.

I reach Balmora FOrest and dsicovers it is a empty brick and stone like city, with towering building all around. Yet the buildings had no rooms what so ever and were just tall stuctures. Alas it twas getting dark and I could hear the dragon snoring on top of the building nearby. I twas sacred of making noisees so i slowly crept towards the builing it was on top of. Just as I reached it I woke up

may 15 2024

i dweamnt i was reading a news article that said Keanu Reeves based his appearnce around a famous "Ripper" artist. Ripping is a combination of Rapping/electronic where the artist lays down on his back across a tube like drum, their heels kicking the drums and in their mouths was a pipe-straw that attaches to the instraument. It's called "Ripping" becuase it just sounds like farting.

april 6 2024

I dreamt I was the kid from Two and a half Men and an Soviet/Zombie invasion had taken place on the island I had grown up on. Everon. In the beginning of the dream was nighttime, I along with other personals were placed on some helicopters to escape but several of our choppers had been shot down.

Our pilot was charlie Sheen. I vaguely remembered that we had left behind a girl I was in love with. I asked Charlie to go back but he said he wouldn't. I decided to jump from the chopper and the scene cut away viewing Charlie cheering and being proud that I'd risked everything for some girl but ultimately they'd believed I'd be dead never to be seen again.

I woke up this time it was mid-day, somewhere near a river that lead down from a small mountain. Nearby was some still smoky reck from a chopper that had crashed in the forest. I walked the dirt road up the mountain since there was a town nearby.

I reached the town but kept a distance and viewed it from the dirt road. The town was being looted by people panicking. I decided to walk around the edge town hoping to avoid anyone. I nearly get caught while entering the towns airport and hangers. Inside the hanger I overheard a Soviet Scout team arguing between each other. One of them bickered about why they were even involved with the invasion and the other snapped back saying "Gorbachev's policy and openness is rooting our system to shit! If we didn't act now, they're might not be a Soviet Union left...". Meanwhile as they were talking one of their patrolmen spotted me in the corner. I panicked but had a M1 Gaurd and shot him and ran around the other side of the building.

I enter from the other side to confuse anyone who might be chasing me. On the other side of the hanger was some ruble/gravel pile on top of the pile was a dead local miltia soldier wearing a terrible bright white-blue alpine camouflage uniform. He was wearing some useful gear like a cheat rig and a blue wooded Sa-58P. I tried sneaking my way to grab his gear and just as I was nearly about to get caught I woke up.